Saturday, November 28, 2015

Remodel Here We Come

Don and I have worked our whole lives and have never once remodeled the house.  Now, theres not a thing wrong with this house other than the fact that the carpet is shag from the early sixties and its been literally years since anything was repainted or updated in any way...unless you count the time my mother gave me her really ugly duck curtains for my kitchen when she remodeled years ago, and I disliked them so much I gave them to Don for his kitchen back when we owned two separate houses.  When he showed interest in the ugly duck curtains, I also graced him with her goose figurines and a wooden wreath with another goose on it.  He loved them and immediately put all that in his kitchen.  The curtains are way too short for the windows and really look as old as my mother was when she passed them on.

Two years ago we decided to combine our houses, and I moved in over here with Don and let my son and his family move into my house.  For one and one-half years I was so relieved to be living with Don that I either blocked out or ignored the duck/goose theme going on in the kitchen, but about a thousand episodes of House Hunters later, we have both begun to reevaluate the need to change everything up and so, starting in January 2016 we have contractors and plumbers and electricians and flooring experts coming in along with the most important person, the kitchen designer, to shake things up a bit.  Luckily the contractor, who has already been here to look things over and plan the estimate, did not just sit down in the middle of the house and start laughing or crying but assured us that he can definitely fix this!

For several weeks at the end of the Holidays, I will be blogging here everyday or so to keep you updated on the progress and to have a diary for myself of what we started with and where we ended.

So here we go!  We will either love each other more or totally despise one another by the time this is over.  We have already had a major disagreement over the fact that Don wants to put our beat up, uncomfortable, ugly furniture back into our gorgeous new living room at the end of this.  Men!  Hopefully I will get my way with that argument because I will move out if we do not get comfortable new furniture!